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This is the Mars Rover Kata for Delphi

Original posting:

Additional information:

  • Develop an api that moves a rover around on a grid.
  • You are given the initial starting point (x,y) of a rover and the direction (N,S,E,W) it is facing.
  • The rover receives a character array of commands.
  • Implement commands that move the rover forward/backward (f,b).
  • Implement commands that turn the rover left/right (l,r).
  • Implement wrapping from one edge of the grid to another. (planets are spheres after all)
  • Implement obstacle detection before each move to a new square. If a given sequence of commands encounters an obstacle, the rover moves up to the last possible point and reports the obstacle.
  • Example: The rover is on a 100x100 grid at location (0, 0) and facing NORTH. The rover is given the commands "ffrff" and should end up at (2, 2)

Tips: use multiple classes and TDD


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