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Russian translation of Evangelion: 3.0 based on english translation and
audio-rip mentioned in README in this repo
Русский перевод Евангелион: 3.0 основан на переводе и аудио-рипу из этого репозитория
Translation of Evangelion: 3.0
Anyone is free to participate and pull commits.
The translation is based on the following audio-rip:
General list of things to do at this point:
— Timing of every ??:??:??
— Correction of timing of the first scene. Probably has some mistakes.
— Translation of every untranslated text in the TRANSLATION file.
— Translation of [01:17:27 ; 01:35:40]. (only available as audio)
— The following couldn't be entirely understood by whoever tried last time. Need someone to translate that as well ( 08:54 ; 10:28 ; 10:41–10:47 ; 11:23 ; 12:25 ; 12:48 ; 13:13 )
Later on:
— Text quality check (consistency, make the dialogues flow better, spelling and grammar mistakes correction, etc.)
— Timing quality check