An Adobe InDesign extension to help you make MOO products.
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Adobe InDesign extension script for MOO


If you're a MOO customer who uses Adobe InDesign, you may find this extension script useful. It allows you to create MiniCards, Business Cards and Postcards and upload them to MOO, all from within InDesign.


The script has been tested with CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. Earlier versions will not work (yet).

It has been tested on Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows 7. Your mileage may vary with other OS versions.

Windows note

You may see a message about being unable to load a type library. This is a bug in the Windows version of InDesign, and can be worked around by quitting and re-running InDesign as Administrator (just once will do -- you can run it as a normal user once it starts working).


  • Download moo.jsx
  • Copy it to the right place
    • Mac: /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS5/Scripts/startup scripts
    • Windows: \Program Files\Adobe\InDesign CS5\Scripts\startup scripts
    • In either case, change CS5 to CS5.5 or CS6 if you have a newer version.
  • Start InDesign
  • There should be a MOO menu!


The MOO menu should be fairly self-explanatory. It allows you to

  • create a new product (MiniCard, Business Card or Post Card)
  • add an image side (i.e. the back of the card, where an image would typically go)
  • add a details side (i.e. the front of the card, where your details would typically go)
  • change whether the current side is details or image
  • send your finished design to MOO, where you can check it over before adding it your cart.

A normal MOO pack of cards would typically have one details side and one or more image sides, but using this extension you can create any number of each, and the MOO site will do the right thing. Give it a go!