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SVG based ancestor fan chart module for webtrees genealogy application.
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Fan chart

This modules provides an SVG ancestor fan chart for the webtrees genealogy application.

210 Degree chart 210 Degree chart with color gradients and hidden empty segments


Requires webtrees 2.0.

Using Composer

To install using composer, just run the following command from the command line at the root directory of your webtrees installation.

composer require magicsunday/webtrees-fan-chart --update-no-dev

The module will automatically installed into the modules_v4 directory of your webtrees installation.

To remove the module run:

composer remove magicsunday/webtrees-fan-chart --update-no-dev

Using Git

If you are using git, you could also clone the current master branch directly into your modules_v4 directory by calling:

git clone modules_v4/webtrees-fan-chart

Manual installation

To manually install the module, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Upload the downloaded file to your web server.
  3. Unzip the package into your modules_v4 directory.
  4. Rename the folder to webtrees-fan-chart

Enable module

Go to the control panel (admin section) of your installation and scroll down to the Modules section. Click on Charts (in subsection Genealogy). Enable the Fan chart custom module (optionally disable the original installed fan chart module) and save your settings.

Control panel - Module administration


At the charts menu, you will find a new link called Fan chart.


To build/update the javascript, run the following commands:

npm install --unsafe-perm --save-dev
npm run prepare
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