An open source Arduino-like hardware project
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An open source Arduino-like hardware project with modular architecture and compact dimentions with the following features in base configuration:

  • 8 digits by 6 segments VFD display;
  • IR receiver;
  • Photocell for brightness adjustmens;
  • Buzzer;
  • RGB LED with individual colors controlled independently by PWM;
  • Single (either 5VDC or 12VDC) power supply;
  • Lithium battery bucked up RTC;
  • 1 Wire temperature sensor (with capability to connect more than one);
  • USB Host functionality*;
  • USB-to-Serial interface for progamming and debugging;
  • 128 kb of program memory, 3.3V internal supply and logic levels;
  • 5V tolerant ISP header;
  • I2C, secondary UART, secondary SPI for future extentions;
  • PIR sensor;
  • Integration with Arduino IDE;
  • Firmware is tightly integrared with an awesome "Revision 2.0 of USB Host Library for Arduino" (thank you guys!)

for more information please visit and