Mimics native browser zooming of images
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Mimics native browser zooming of images. The image is zoomed the same way as if it were loaded directly into the browser window.

The magik

The magik is created by a few lines of CSS. Most notably the max-height and max-width properties. Initially the image is given a 100% value for both. When zoomed in, the value is set to initial

This little line of JavaScript, put in the onclick attribute of the image, takes care of adding and removing the .zoom CSS class. Of course you can move this code to a seperate JS file. It's done this way in the lights of KIT [Keep It Tiny ;)]


IE does not support the zoom-in value for the property cursor. Chrome, Safari (Webkit) and Firefox only support the vendor prefix version: -moz-zoom-in; and -webkit-zoom-in;. That is why there is also a zoom cursor file included. See below.

Creating the *.cur files

Go to http://cursor.cc and upload the saved png files there to create a *.cur file. You can set the hotspot at the 6x6 pixel point, although I've also done that in the CSS:

cursor: url(zoom-in.cur) 6 6, zoom-in;