Basic implementation of the Djikstra Maps concept in C and SFML
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Djikstra Maps Prototype
Written by Michał Walczak <>
with huge help from Derrick Creamer. [Thank you!]
License: WTFPLv2 (included)

Basic prototype of the Djikstra Maps concept by Brian Walker "Pender".

A very simple implementation, doesn't account for special cases like multiplying
and reversing maps for different effects.
This one can also be improved by wrapping operations into more general functions
and not using so many global variables, but it hardly matters in this example.

Check the code for line by line comments.

Please ignore the mess around the frontier list sorting - obviously a vector,
a neater linked list would create a simpler and more readable search loop.
I may improve on it in the future if I hear enough complaints :]

8-way movement assumed by default with constant movement cost of 1
To easly change into a 4-way example search for "4-way" in the code.

Press ESC to quit.


    Requires SFML2 and CSFML.

Building and running:
    With dependencies fulfilled run:
    [make clean]
    make run

    for rapid iteration this can be chained to:

    make clean && make && make run


Suggestions, complaints, hate-mail,
links to other implementations (that I will include in this README), etc:
Michał Walczak <>
magikmw on


Mandrill font by Tommy Ettinger
Link: <>
Licensed under CC Attribution Share Alike