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stodo - a simple TODO CLI application
Copyright (C) 2013-14 Michał Walczak <>
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>.

A small organizational application.
Creates a file (~/.stodo by default) and allows you to append, remove, display
and count items. Fully CLI, interface consists of few simple options.
Easy to embedd in a login MoTD, etc.

Basic program is implemented, currently using SQLite database.
Tagging and other improvements are planned.


    * Requires python:
        Written with python3 in mind, and somewhat tested in python2.
        Consider python2 not-supported, but feel free to point out any bugs.
        Hashbang in the script points to /bin/env python by default.

    * Requires sqlite.


    Put anywhere, set permission to execution and run './stodo'
    Put anywhere and run with 'python stodo' (or 'python3 stodo')
    Find on AUR (Arch Linux) and install manually or with your favourite AUR
    pacman wrapper.
    AUR page - <>


Usage info available via 'stodo -h' or 'stodo --help', copy below.

Usage: stodo OPTION [ARGUMENT]
Only the first option on the command line will execute each run.
Mandatory arguments to long versions are mandatory for short versions too.
-h, --help              print usage summary (this)
-l, --list              list all of the saved items, enumerated
-l, --list (-n,0,n)     list n or all (0) of the saved items from top or bottom
-c, --count             print a simple count of all saved items
-a, --add "item"        add text between quotes as a new item
-r, --remove (1..n)     remove the specified item
-v, --version           show version and license information


Bug reports and developement suggestions:
Create a github issue, or e-mail me at <>

Any AUR package issues - please comment on the AUR page below.