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  1. esri-webappbuilder-widget-eDraw esri-webappbuilder-widget-eDraw Public

    Ehanced draw widget for WebApp Builder for Arcgis.

    JavaScript 29 26

  2. esri-webappbuilder-widget-FileImporter esri-webappbuilder-widget-FileImporter Public

    Widget (with server side component) for file import in a WebApp Builder for Arcgis application

    JavaScript 7 2

  3. esri-webappbuilder-widget-url esri-webappbuilder-widget-url Public

    Widget Url (extent tracking in URL and communication between url and others widgets) for WebApp Builder for Arcgis

    JavaScript 3 1

  4. esri-webappbuilder-widget-eBasemap esri-webappbuilder-widget-eBasemap Public

    Ehanced Basemap widget for WebApp Builder for Arcgis

    JavaScript 2

  5. esri-webappbuilder-widget-MapLoader esri-webappbuilder-widget-MapLoader Public

    Light widget for showing busy indicator on map

    JavaScript 2

  6. esri-webappbuilder-widgets-ePopup esri-webappbuilder-widgets-ePopup Public

    Widget to customize popup behaviour in WebApp Builder for Arcgis

    JavaScript 1 1


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