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Software for the manipulation of complex valued data
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eigenbrötler is software for the manipulation of complex valued data. Its intended use is in the domains of image processing and Fourier optics, but may have application in other domains as well.

eigenbrötler is a library which can read and construct 1 or 2 dimensional compex datasets and manipulate them to produce other complex datasets. eigenbrötler is also a GUI application which (we hope) provides a user friendly wrapper around the library.

The library and application have been compiled and tested on 64-bit and 32-bit Linux. In principle, compilation and operation should also be possible on Macintosh and Windows, but this has not yet been tested: we have no doubt that fixes will be required for this to succeed.

See the file BUILD.txt for instructions on building the library and the application.

eigenbrötler was designed and written by Michael Oldfield and Kieran Larkin. It is published under the MIT LICENCE. We would like to encourage its use, and welcome any feedback (particularly constructive feedback).

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