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Jonas Bernoulli edited this page Jan 12, 2021 · 4 revisions

Okay okay, I will write a FAQ, but for now please follow this link to a list of such questions, which hasn't been fully streamlined yet.

Do you plan to add/extend support for forge X?

As explained in the manual there are two levels of support provided by this package:

Currently Forge supports two forges [Github and Gitlab] and three more forges partially. Additionally it supports four semi-forges. Support for more forges and semi-forges can and will be added.

Both forges and semi-forges provide web interfaces for Git repositories. Forges additionally support pull-requests and issues and make those and other information available using an API.

When a forge is only partially supported, then that means that only the functionality that does not require the API is implemented, or in other words, that the forge is only supported as a semi-forge.

Adding basic support is fairly simple. It requires that someone (other than me) carefully determines all the relevant urls. See forge-bitbucket.el for an example. It should be obvious that this makes it possible to visit certain pages in a browser but gives no access to the forge's API. Pull-requests are welcome.

I plan to add full support for the APIs of two more forges: Gitea and Sourceforge. If it proofs to be as simple as adjusting the Gitea support a bit, then I will also support Gogs.

I do not plan to add full (i.e. API) support for any other forges myself. Pull-requests are welcome, but implementing support for a new API is quite a bit of work. Maintaining the implementation and helping users will also require work and I would appreciate it if you committed to do that as well.

Here are some topics discussing various forges, including some unfinished pull-requests: