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Ghub — Minuscule client libraries for the APIs of various Git forges

Ghub provides basic support for using the APIs of various Git forges from Emacs packages. Originally it only supported the Github REST API, but now it also supports the Github GraphQL API as well as the REST APIs of Gitlab, Gitea, Gogs and Bitbucket.

Ghub abstracts access to API resources using only a handful of basic functions such as ghub-get. These are convenience wrappers around ghub-request. Additional forge-specific wrappers like glab-put, gtea-put, gogs-post and buck-delete are also available. Ghub does not provide any resource-specific functions, with the exception of FORGE-repository-id.

When accessing Github, then Ghub handles the creation and storage of access tokens using a setup wizard to make it easier for users to get started. The tokens for other forges have to be created manually.

Ghub is intentionally limited to only provide these two essential features — basic request functions and guided setup — to avoid being too opinionated, which would hinder wide adoption. It is assumed that wide adoption would make life easier for users and maintainers alike, because then all packages that talk to forge APIs could be configured the same way.

Please consult the manual for more information.