Emacs major modes for Git configuration files
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Git Config Modes

Emacs major modes for various Git configuration files.

The list of contributors can be found here.


Auto-/loading the library gitattributes-mode enabled the mode for .gitattributes, .git/info/attributes, and git/attributes files.


Auto-/loading the library gitconfig-mode enables the mode for .gitconfig, .git/config, git/config, and .gitmodules files.

gitconfig-mode derives from conf-unix-mode.


Auto-/loading the library gitignore-mode enables the mode for .gitignore, .git/info/exclude, and git/ignore files.

gitignore-mode derives from conf-unix-mode.

This mode may be of use in other files that don't have anything to do with Git, for example:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist
             (cons "/.dockerignore\\'" 'gitignore-mode))