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StGit extension for Magit

This package provides very basic support for StGit.

StGit (Stacked Git) is an application that aims to provide a convenient way to maintain a patch stack on top of a Git branch. For more information about StGit see

When magit-stgit-mode is turned on then the current patch series is displayed in the status buffer. While point is on a patch the changes it introduces can be shown using RET, it can be selected as the current patch using a, and it can be discarded using k. Other StGit commands are available from the StGit popup on /.

To enable the mode in a particular repository use:

cd /path/to/repository
git config --add magit.extension stgit

To enable the mode for all repositories use:

git config --global --add magit.extension stgit

To enable the mode globally without dropping to a shell:

(add-hook 'magit-mode-hook 'magit-stgit-mode)

If you are looking for full fledged StGit support in Emacs, then have a look at stgit.el which is distributed with StGit.