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;;; magit-wip.el --- git-wip plug-in for Magit
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Jonas Bernoulli
;; Copyright (C) 2012 Ryan C. Thompson
;; Maintainer: Jonas Bernoulli <>
;; Magit is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
;; under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; Magit is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
;; ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
;; License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with Magit. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;; This plug-in provides support for special work-in-progress refs.
;; This requires the third-party git command "git wip" which is available
;; from
;; The global mode `magit-wip-mode' provides highlighting of wip refs in
;; Magit buffers while the local mode `magit-wip-save-mode' commits to
;; such a ref when saving a file-visiting buffer.
;; To enable `magit-wip-save-mode' enable `global-magit-wip-save-mode'
;; and use the Magit extension mechanism to select the repositories in
;; which you want to use a work-in-progress ref. Usually you also want
;; to enable `magit-wip-mode'.
;; (magit-wip-mode 1)
;; (global-magit-wip-save-mode 1)
;; $ git config --add magit.extension wip-save # or
;; $ git config --global --add magit.extension wip-save
;; Note that `global-magit-wip-save-mode' is the only mode that uses the
;; extension mechanism for file-visiting buffers all other global modes
;; making use of it to turn on local modes in Magit buffers.
;;; Code:
(require 'magit)
(require 'format-spec)
;;; Magit Wip Mode.
(defface magit-log-head-label-wip
'((((class color) (background light))
:box t
:background "Grey95"
:foreground "LightSkyBlue3")
(((class color) (background dark))
:box t
:background "Grey07"
:foreground "LightSkyBlue4"))
"Face for git-wip labels shown in log buffer."
:group 'magit-faces)
(defun magit-log-get-wip-color (suffix)
(list (concat "(WIP) " suffix)
(defconst magit-wip-refs-namespace
'("wip" magit-log-get-wip-color))
(define-minor-mode magit-wip-mode
"In Magit log buffers; give wip refs a special appearance."
:group 'magit
:global t
(if magit-wip-mode
(add-to-list 'magit-refs-namespaces magit-wip-refs-namespace 'append)
(setq magit-refs-namespaces
(delete magit-wip-refs-namespace magit-refs-namespaces))))
;;; Magit Wip Save Mode.
(defcustom magit-wip-commit-message "WIP %r"
"Commit message for git-wip commits.
The following `format'-like specs are supported:
%f the full name of the file being saved, and
%r the name of the file being saved, relative to the repository root
%g the root of the git repository."
:group 'magit
:type 'string)
(defcustom magit-wip-echo-area-message "Wrote %f (wip)"
"Message shown in the echo area after creating a git-wip commit.
The following `format'-like specs are supported:
%f the full name of the file being saved, and
%r the name of the file being saved, relative to the repository root.
%g the root of the git repository."
:group 'magit
:type '(choice (const :tag "No message" nil) string))
(defvar magit-wip-save-mode-lighter " Wip")
(define-minor-mode magit-wip-save-mode
"Magit support for committing to a work-in-progress ref.
When this minor mode is turned on and a file is saved inside a writable
git repository then it is also committed to a special work-in-progress
:lighter magit-wip-save-mode-lighter
(if magit-wip-save-mode
(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'magit-wip-save-safe t t)
(remove-hook 'after-save-hook 'magit-wip-save-safe t)))
(define-globalized-minor-mode global-magit-wip-save-mode
magit-wip-save-mode turn-on-magit-wip-save
:group 'magit)
(defun turn-on-magit-wip-save ()
(when (and (buffer-file-name)
(magit-get-top-dir default-directory)
(member "wip-save" (magit-get-all "magit.extension")))
(if (= (magit-git-exit-code "wip" "-h") 0)
(magit-wip-save-mode 1)
(message "Git command 'git wip' cannot be found"))))
(defun magit-wip-save-safe ()
(condition-case err
(message "Magit WIP got an error: %S" err))))
(defun magit-wip-save ()
(let* ((top-dir (magit-get-top-dir default-directory))
(name (file-truename (buffer-file-name)))
(spec `((?r . ,(file-relative-name name top-dir))
(?f . ,(buffer-file-name))
(?g . ,top-dir))))
(when (and top-dir (file-writable-p top-dir))
(save-excursion ; kludge see
(magit-run-git "wip" "save"
(format-spec magit-wip-commit-message spec)
"--editor" "--" name))
(when magit-wip-echo-area-message
(message (format-spec magit-wip-echo-area-message spec))))))
(provide 'magit-wip)
;;; magit-wip.el ends here
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