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Merge branch 'mainline-maint' into mainline-master

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2 parents f1f800b + a13ecc8 commit ae743c94fce62b3591dce514d4df554b30ecc1f6 @vanicat vanicat committed Oct 14, 2012
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4 magit.el
@@ -5587,8 +5587,8 @@ Return values:
(commit (and (member 'commit (magit-section-context-type section))
(magit-section-info section)))
(old-editor (getenv "GIT_EDITOR")))
- (if (locate-file "emacsclient" exec-path)
- (setenv "GIT_EDITOR" (concat (locate-file "emacsclient" exec-path)
+ (if (executable-find "emacsclient")
+ (setenv "GIT_EDITOR" (concat (executable-find "emacsclient")
" -s " server-name))
(message "Cannot find emacsclient, using default git editor, please check you PATH"))

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