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Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    magit-with-test-directory: set author environment variables

    tarsius authored
    In chroots and other test environments these variables might be set to
    values that cause Git to error out, so explicitly set dummy values.
    Keep the equivalent configuration in .travis because Travis does unset
    these (or all?) variables.
  2. @tarsius

    use variable buffer-file-name instead of function by same name

    tarsius authored
    Where previously the function `buffer-file-name' was called without an
    argument, instead just use the variable by the same name.  Now this is
    done consistently across the code base.
  3. @kyleam

    magit-wip-log-get-tips: ignore non-existent refs

    kyleam authored
    Return nil if the reflog for WIPREF does not exist to prevent 'git log'
    from failing on the unknown revision, resulting in magit-wip-log showing
    an empty log.
Commits on Aug 30, 2015
  1. @tarsius
  2. @tarsius
  3. @tarsius
  4. @tarsius

    fix previous commit

    tarsius authored
Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    magit-diff-wash-diff: fix diff header regexp

    tarsius authored
    The diff header looks like on of these:
      diff --git a b
      diff --cc a
      diff --combined a
    Change the regexp so that both "a" and "a b" fall into the second
    submatch.  For `--git' that means that the variables `orig' and `file'
    are set to wrong values, but that does not matter, since in that case
    they are later set again from other headers.
    Fixes #2211.
  2. @tarsius

    magit-blame-popup: use read-string for -C and -M

    tarsius authored
    These arguments expect a number as value, but the value can also
    be omitted in which case git uses some default value.  By using
    `magit-popup-read-number' we forced the user to input a number.
    Now we use just `read-string', allowing the user to input a number,
    nothing, or something invalid (which unfortunately won't be noticed
    until git tries to use it).
    Fixes #2208.
  3. @tarsius
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @kyleam
Commits on Aug 26, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    with-editor-return: use server-done instead of server-edit

    tarsius authored
    This fixes #2197.  We don't actually want to show the buffer belonging
    to another client, so we call `server-done' instead of `server-edit'.
    The latter calls the former and then also tries to select a buffer,
    using `server-switch-buffer' which favors buffers belonging to another
    client.  This does matter when Emacs was started in daemon mode and the
    user connects to the instance using the emacsclient and then uses Magit
    to invoke.  When s/he then completes the commit, then their always is
    another client, the one used to connect to the instance in the first
    Later in `with-editor-return' we restore the window configuration from
    before `with-editor' was used, so one would think that needlessly
    showing another buffer before restoring the window configuration would
    not matter.  However the previous window configuration has to be
    explicitly stored by the caller of `with-editor', so we cannot rely on
    a configuration being stored and have to fix the above issue anyway.
    In the case of committing using Magit this should not have made a
    difference because that does save the previous window configuration, but
    unfortunately it does it to late, when the configuration has already
    been modified somewhat.  I am not sure if that can be fixed, but in any
    case that's a different issue.
  2. @tarsius

    magit-diff-wash-diffstat: use --numstat to get full file names

    tarsius authored
    This is a kludge which replaces the older kludge removed in
    c64bb99.  It fixes #2199.
    It would be better if we did instead use *only* `--numstat' and
    then produced output similar to what `--stat' does, but without
    actually relying on output from that.
  3. @tarsius

    magit-git-wash: flatten ARGS

    tarsius authored
  4. @tarsius

    magit-toplevel: always follow links to repo subdirectories

    tarsius authored
    Also add a test for this function.
    Fixes #2135.
  5. @tarsius
  6. @tarsius
  7. @kyleam
Commits on Aug 25, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    make: add new magit target

    tarsius authored
  2. @tarsius

    magit-clone: abort if failing to clone

    tarsius authored
    Instead of attempting to show the status of the non-existent clone.
    Re #2203.
  3. @tarsius

    2.2.1.txt: fix commit count

    tarsius authored
Commits on Aug 24, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    melpa release dance, part 2

    tarsius authored
  2. @tarsius

    release version 2.2.1

    tarsius authored
  3. @tarsius

    melpa release dance, part 1

    tarsius authored
  4. @tarsius

    travis: do not assert Git is recent enough

    tarsius authored
    Travis only has Git v1.8.5 but using Magit interactively requires
    v1.9.4.  However compiling Magit doesn't require Git at all and the
    current tests also work with v1.8.5.  So do not check the Git version
    when compiling or loading `magit.el' on Travis.  Eventually, when we
    add new tests, that will start failing, but we can deal with that then
    (by figuring out how to install a more recent Git version on Travis).
  5. @tarsius

    travis: set user.{name,email}

    tarsius authored
    On travis `' and `' do not have proper values causing
    some git commands to fail with an error.  Set these variables to prevent
    such errors.
  6. @kyleam

    magit-blame: ask window-end for updated value

    kyleam authored
    Otherwise, when magit-blame is called from an indirect buffer, -L is
    passed the line number at the end of the buffer instead of the line
    number at the end of the window.
  7. @kyleam

    magit-blame: fix calls from indirect buffers

    kyleam authored
    Make sure that default-directory stays set at the top-level directory.
    When magit-blame is called from an indirect buffer, the find-file call
    sets default-directory to the file's directory, so the downstream git
    call (now from the file's directory) fails when given a path relative to
    the top-level directory.
    This isn't an issue when magit-blame is called from a buffer visiting a
    file.  The call to find-file does not override the default-directory
    let-bound by magit-with-toplevel because the file is already being
    visited by the current buffer.
    Fix this by let-binding the find-file call separately.
    While this makes it possible call magit-blame from an indirect buffer,
    point is not placed appropriately in the base buffer.  This probably
    isn't worth taking the time to fix given that calling magit-blame from
    indirect buffer isn't very common (since the above error has yet to be
  8. @kyleam
  9. @kyleam

    magit-blame: widen before blaming

    kyleam authored
    The calls to git blame assume that the buffer corresponds to the entire
    file (at least for now).
Commits on Aug 23, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    sanitize existing tests

    tarsius authored
  2. @tarsius
  3. @tarsius
Commits on Aug 22, 2015
  1. @tarsius
  2. @tarsius
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