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Commits on Jul 4, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    magit-wash-bisect-log: use unique section values

    tarsius authored
    This is necessary to preserve the section visibility when refreshing.
  2. @tarsius

    magit-section-secondary-heading: new face

    tarsius authored
    Add a new face `magit-section-secondary-heading', which is intended for
    sub-sections which themselves have children.
    The children of the "Bisect Log" section are such sections, their
    heading looks like "git bisect ACTION HASH" and their bodies are hidden
    by default.  It is non-obvious that these sections have a body so we
    have to provide a hint.  Now their headings are bold, just like those
    of `file' sections, which, as anyone should know, can be expanded.
  3. @tarsius
  4. @tarsius

    magit-read-range-or-commit: use magit-list-refnames

    tarsius authored
    instead of `magit-list-branch-names'.  The commands which use this
    reader can all benefit from offering more than just branch names
    for completion.
  5. @tarsius

    magit-list-refs-namespaces: add "refs/pull"

    tarsius authored
    This namespaces is used for pull requests on Github,
    possibly elsewhere too. Re #1949.
  6. @tarsius

    magit-list-refs-namespaces: new variable

    tarsius authored
    This makes it possible for users to control which refs `magit-list-refs'
    and `magit-list-refnames' offer for completion.  For now this is not
    exposed as a customizable opition.  It's just an undocumented variable.
  7. @tarsius

    magit-log-refresh-buffer: no longer add empty margin to 1th line

    tarsius authored
    That was useful when the first line was a header, but now that the
    header has moved into the `header-line' this is no longer necessary
    and causes the margin text of the first commit to be removed (for
    some odd reason only on MS Windows though).
    Fixes #1951.
  8. @npostavs @tarsius

    .travis.yml: pass DASH_DIR to make

    npostavs authored tarsius committed
  9. @aethanyc @tarsius

    Fix documentation about section level

    aethanyc authored tarsius committed
  10. @greenrd @tarsius

    Documentation fixes

    greenrd authored tarsius committed
Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. @aaa707 @tarsius

    Add a header line about the current user

    aaa707 authored tarsius committed
  2. @aaa707

    Add new line and fix indent

    aaa707 authored
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @tarsius
  2. @tarsius

    Makefile: minor fixes

    tarsius authored
  3. @tarsius

    Merge branch 'next'

    tarsius authored
  4. @tarsius minor fixes

    tarsius authored
  5. @tarsius
  6. @tarsius
  7. @tarsius
  8. @tarsius
  9. @tarsius

    magit-wip-after-save-local-mode-turn-on: ignore errors

    tarsius authored
    Ignore `file-error' originating from `magit-inside-worktree-p' when
    a buffer visits a yet-to-be-created file located inside a directory
    that also doesn't exist yet.
    It would be better to fix `magit-inside-worktree-p' and related
    functions instead, but not right before a release.
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    no longer set :background of heading and refname faces

    tarsius authored
    I though I have done this a long time ago, but it seems I only did so
    for the theme I am personally using (the light variant of solarized).
  2. @tarsius

    magit-mode: turn off linum-mode

    tarsius authored
    When `global-linum-mode' is on, then the local `linum-mode' is enabled
    in `magit-mode' derived modes.  That's useless and impacts performance
    horribly.  Explicitly turn it off.
  3. @tarsius
  4. @tarsius

    magit-log-cutoff-length: increase default value

    tarsius authored
    The intention when setting this to allow value, is to make it faster.
    However the problem isn't that Git is slow at outputting the log or
    Magit is slow at parsing the output, the problem is that `git log
    --graph' has a constant overhead which does not depend on how many
    commits are being displayed but the total number of commits.
    Therefore if this number is to low, it becomes more likely that a
    user has to endure that delay several times until doubling the number
    of displayed commits until finally all commits which she wants to be
    listed are indeed listed.
  5. @tarsius
  6. @tarsius
  7. @tarsius

    suppress bogus compile warning

    tarsius authored
    Do this to ensure that the *Warnings* buffer is displayed when users
    update from 1.4. to 2.1 and still have obsolete packages installed.
    If there are compile warnings then the *Compile-Log* log buffer might
    be displayed in the window previously used for the *Warnings* buffer.
    Re #1933.
  8. @dunn @tarsius miscellaneous changes

    dunn authored tarsius committed
  9. @dunn @tarsius commas!

    dunn authored tarsius committed
  10. @dunn @tarsius external links

    dunn authored tarsius committed
Commits on Jun 29, 2015
  1. @tarsius

    magit-read-range-or-commit: behave as intended

    tarsius authored
    Like this is already done in `magit-log-read-revs' use low-level
    functions from `crm.el' but not `completing-read-multiple', which
    is to restrictive for our needs.
    Re #1931.
    Suggested-by: Kyle Meyer <>
  2. @tarsius

    ediff: cleanup auxiliary buffers

    tarsius authored
    Previously the intention was that `ediff-cleanup-mess' would take care
    of this.  That function expects that the control buffer is current when
    it runs, but our own hook function, which runs firsts, restores the
    pre-ediff window configuration, making that buffer non-current.  So
    `ediff-cleanup-mess' ended up doing nothing.
    Reversing the order does not work because our function also expects that
    the control buffer is current.  Also `ediff-cleanup-mess' does things to
    the file-visiting buffers that we are not interested in.
    So instead set the local value of `ediff-quit-hook' to a single
    function, our own cleanup lambda.  This means that the global hook value
    is ignored, including `ediff-cleanup-mess'.  `smerge-ediff' does this
    too.  However that function directly calls `ediff-quit-hook' while we
    call the trimmed down variant `magit-ediff-cleanup-auxiliary-buffers'.
    Re #1934.
  3. @kyleam @tarsius Revise (minor)

    kyleam authored tarsius committed
  4. @tarsius Revise

    tarsius authored
    Suggested-by: Kyle Meyer <>
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