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Commits on Aug 3, 2015
  1. @tarsius
  2. @tarsius
  3. @tarsius

    magit-read-repository: require match when reading known repository

    tarsius authored
    This prevents that a users inserts a path and expects that to work.
    Re #2136.
Commits on Aug 2, 2015
  1. @kyleam
  2. @kyleam
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. @kljohann @kyleam

    use magit-commit-extend-override-date

    kljohann authored kyleam committed
  2. @kyleam
  3. @kyleam

    2.2.0.txt: revise

    kyleam authored
  4. @kyleam
Commits on Jul 30, 2015
  1. @tarsius
  2. @tarsius

    magit-git-command: run git in correct directory

    tarsius authored
    Run git in the directory specified by the DIRECTORY argument.
    Do *not* do that by let-binding `default-directory'.  That is
    disallowed, because when the `current-buffer' is the process buffer,
    then that would blow up.  Instead set that variable in a temporary
    buffer.  Luckily we can just reuse the temporary buffer used in this
    function for a different purpose, so we don't even have to feel bad
    about wasting a buffer.
    Fixes #2130.
  3. @tarsius

    magit-process-finish: don't hide section while buffer is visible

    tarsius authored
    When a process has returned, don't hide its output section in the
    process buffer, provided that buffer is visible in a window of the
    selected frame.
    Re #2058.
  4. @tarsius
  5. @tarsius
  6. @tarsius

    Merge branch 'jb/refresh-args'

    tarsius authored
  7. @tarsius

    magit-log-buffer-file: with a prefix argument follow renames

    tarsius authored
    `magit-log-buffer-file' always follows renames if `--follow' is
    a member of `magit-log-arguments'.  Now it is possible to follow
    renames, even when that is not the case.
  8. @tarsius

    magit-log-popup: add --follow argument

    tarsius authored
    Add the `--follow' argument to `magit-log-popup' and when called from
    a log buffer, also `magit-log-refresh-popup'.  This argument can only
    be used when showing the for a single file, so when the log is not
    explicitly limited to a single file, then it is silently dropped.
    When `--follow' is used, then `--graph' in turn is silently dropped.
  9. @tarsius
  10. @tarsius
  11. @tarsius
  12. @tarsius
  13. @tarsius
  14. @tarsius
  15. @tarsius

    delay dropping --graph when it is incompatible with other args

    tarsius authored
    When it is incompatible with other used arguments, then remove `--graph'
    from the list of arguments to be used in `magit-log-refresh-buffer'
    instead of in `magit-log' (which sets the buffer-local value using
    `magit-mode-setup').  This has the advantage that once the incompatible
    argument is dropped, `--graph' does not have to be explicitly enabled
  16. @tarsius
  17. @tarsius

    make magit-log-select-mode more independent of magit-log-mode

    tarsius authored
    Use a separate buffer for logs used to select a commit (whose name is
    controlled by the new option `magit-log-select-buffer-name-format') and
    a new dedicated refresher `magit-log-select-refresh-buffer'.
    Allow users to set the diff arguments used when selecting a commit from
    a log by editing the new dedicated variable `magit-log-select-arguments'.
    We shouldn't use the same variable as for regular logs, because it is
    likely that users want fancy arguments there, but not here.
  18. @tarsius
  19. @tarsius
  20. @tarsius
  21. @tarsius

    magit-cherry-refresh-buffer: mark arguments as unused

    tarsius authored
    Mark the arguments to `magit-cherry-refresh-buffer' as unused by
    prefixing their names with "_".
    The `magit-refresh-function' is always called with the buffer-local
    value of `magit-refresh-args' as arguments.  This particular refresher
    does not use these arguments directly.  Instead it calls the functions
    in `magit-cherry-sections-hook' which then use the buffer-local value
    of `magit-refresh-args' directly (not as arguments).
  22. @tarsius
  23. @tarsius

    magit-diff-mode-refresh-popup: new variable

    tarsius authored
    The commands `magit-diff-switch-range-type' and `magit-diff-flip-revs'
    are only useful in `magit-diff-mode' buffers.  They are not useful in
    buffers whose mode derives from `magit-diff-mode' or in
    `magit-status-mode' buffers.
    Use the new variable `magit-diff-mode-refresh-popup' for the
    `magit-diff-refresh-popup' when inside a `magit-diff-mode' buffer.
    Elsewhere use `magit-diff-refresh-popup' from which the mentioned
    commands are removed.
  24. @tarsius

    magit-diff-refresh-popup: allow changing the file filter

    tarsius authored
    Add the `-- FILE...' pseudo argument to the `magit-diff-refresh-popup',
    allowing users to change that filter for the current buffer.  Previously
    it was not just not possible to do so, but changing another argument
    would have removed the file filter.
    For buffers that use `magit-diff-section-arguments' add an additional
    buffer-local variable `magit-diff-section-file-args' to hold the value
    of the file filter.  The refresh suffix command from the popup now
    update both variables, and `magit-diff-arguments' includes its value
    in the return value when appropriate.
    The `magit-insert-{unstaged,staged}-changes' functions respect the new
    variable and because the user might otherwise not be aware that a file
    filter is in affect in the status buffer, a new section inserter,
    `magit-insert-diff-filter-header', is added to the default value of
    The new function `magit-popup-import-file-args' takes care of combining
    the file filters into the pseudo argument form used inside diff popups.
  25. @tarsius

    preserve buffer-local diff arguments

    tarsius authored
    Previously `magit-diff-popup' used the value of `magit-diff-arguments'
    to initiate the values of its infix arguments.  (Usually the global
    value, but due to user errors it could also have been the buffer-local
    value).  That made it impossible to change what diff is shown and at the
    same time to keep using the previously modified arguments.  (Unless the
    modification was explicitly saved, but that caused the value to be used
    in all repositories.)
    When the `magit-diff-mode' buffer exist for the current buffer, then
    `magit-diff-popup' now gets the arguments from that buffer's
    `magit-refresh-args', even if that buffer is not current when the popup
    is invoked.  Unfortunately that is even the case when the user then goes
    on invoking the `magit-show-commit' suffix command, which uses the
    `magit-revision-buffer'.  We cannot do anything about that because we
    cannot read the users mind.
  26. @tarsius

    magit-diff-arguments: absorb wrappers

    tarsius authored
    Create a new `magit-diff-arguments' function which combines
    the features of the old `magit-diff-arguments', as well as
    `magit-diff-section-arguments' and `magit-diff-refresh-arguments'.
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