Magit non-file buffers are not setting list-buffers-directory #355

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If I understood correctly, non-file buffers are expected to set list-buffers-directory in order to give hints as to their "current location". This is useful for instance for modes such as shell toggle [1] and uniquify [2]. However Magit does not seem to be setting this at present. I think it should always be set to the top-level directory of the git repo, but I'm not too sure.


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No that is not it's purpose

Variable: list-buffers-directory
     This buffer-local variable specifies a string to display in a
     buffer listing where the visited file name would go, for buffers
     that don't have a visited file name.  Dired buffers use this

Variable default-directory is close to what you are looking for and it should be set in magit buffers.

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