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I often find myself doing the following:

  • code code code
  • fetch tracked repository
  • see in status buffer that I have both unpulled and unpushed commits
  • rebase my unpushed commits onto the tracked branch

This is a pretty normal workflow, I guess. However, the last step (rebasing to the tracked branch) always requires manual input. I know about the variable magit-rewrite-inclusive, but I want to keep it at t because it makes using it from the status buffer easier in other cases.

But that also means that I don't have any place in the status buffer where I could hit E on and have the right revision to rebase on already selected.

A possible solution would be to make E work on the "Remote:..." line. At the moment it does work there, but it doesn't propose a revision to rebase to. It would be nice if the proposed revision there would be where the head of the remote branch that the locally checked out branch tracks.

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Provided I understand you correctly, I can see at least two ways in which that is possible.

  • Pull using --rebase: F -p F
  • Rebase explicitly: R RET, or when the upstream has not been actually set R <UPSTREAM> RET
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