Recent "Add author and date to log" change uses function not available in Emacs 23.3 #559

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azuk commented Feb 19, 2013

magit-present-log-line uses window-body-width that doesn't exist in Emacs 23.3. If there are commits that would be displayed in magit-status-mode, this causes an error when magit-status command is used to start magit. Emacs 23.3 is what the latest Ubuntu LTS (12.04) version provides, for example, so I think it is important to support that.


I hit the same problem on Aquamacs - here's a simple workaround I added to my init file:

(unless (fboundp 'window-body-width)
   (defalias 'window-body-width 'window-width))

I'm not 100% convinced it does exactly the right thing, but it seems to work for me.

sigma commented Feb 20, 2013

should be fixed in 14b7350

@sigma sigma closed this Feb 20, 2013
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