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peti commented Mar 6, 2013

It's been five months since the last release. If you have the chance -- and if the code is sufficiently stable --, could you please tag a new release version?

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tarsius commented May 14, 2013

I agree that there should be a release soon.

@sigma I looked at the last releases, 1.1.2 and 1.2.0 which were made less than a minute apart :-)

The former was on maint and the latter on master. That is okay but I don't think it should become the norm to wait for master to be ready for a release on maint to be made.

I think we should make more releases on maint increasing only the last part (a.b.THIS).

@peti @sandinmyjoints If you are asking for a release of the master branch - that's gonna happen when it's ready.

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peti commented May 14, 2013

@tarsius, personally, I don't care much which branch you use to make releases and how many digits of the version number change in the process. I just care about having some of those nice features that were added recently available in some kind of stable fashion so that distributions like Debian, Gentooo, and NixOS can pick it up and make it available to people who don't want to track a Git repository.


tarsius commented May 14, 2013

I am sorry if a came across ... rude.

Edit: removed the pointless rest of the this message. Instead I will try to something more helpful and add two milestones and then add the issues I think have to be addressed before releases can be made.


sigma commented May 15, 2013

@tarsius absolutely, that's exactly the purpose of maint, to be the source of subminor releases, while master is the source of major and minor ones. I think it can be released pretty soon, actually the only thing that was preventing me from doing just that was the outdated README, but I think you took care of it recently.
So I'll try and find some time to package a 1.2.1 this week


tarsius commented May 15, 2013

Actually the README needs some more love, I am currently (like right now) working on it and expect to be done no later than Sunday evening. The Makefile should also be improved but I will try to only make changes that directly influence the installation instructions. It's a case of "when you write the documentation you realize what's wrong with the code" I guess. I will look at org-mode's build infrastructure for inspiration though what they do might be overkill for us.

When I have something to show I will open a pull request and point out any open questions.

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tarsius was assigned Jul 12, 2013

I wonder why

git describe --always

gives 1.1.0-1064-g0e12909 when run against the master repo. Shouldn't it be 1.2.x?


tarsius commented Jul 27, 2013


$ git describe --tags


M-x magit-version


        Instead of using only the annotated tags, use any tag found in
        refs/tags namespace. This option enables matching a lightweight
        (non-annotated) tag.


peti commented Aug 3, 2013

Another half year has past. Is there any chance that a new version of magit could be released? Please?


tarsius commented Aug 3, 2013

Yes. I am working on it.

For why this is taking so long see

And for the release plan see and

I am going on vacation now and might have to push it back another week or two. But by the end of august there should be a new release.


tarsius commented Sep 16, 2013

Closing this issue as I have added a note about this to and will open a new issue regarding the next release today. (We should use a new issue because there likely be some discussion on how to actually do it and the requests in this issue contribute little to that.)

tarsius closed this Sep 16, 2013

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