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—relative= option ignored? #584

dabrahams opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When I specify a relative directory to the log command (e.g. with `l = r d o c s RET l’) the setting seems to have no effect.


What output do you expect?

Because for me

git log --relative=docs

makes no difference at all.

That arg is very confusing. Usually what people want is

git log -- docs

(which I just implemented on magit; expect a pull request soon)

--relative makes sense only when diffs are shown on the ouput of `git log'. AFAIK, magit has no option for showing diffs on magit-log, so the --relative arg is irrelevant.


Added a patch implementing support for restricting the log output to a given list of files or directories here:



Closing so discussion can happen in just one place: #594. If that doesn't make sense please reopen.

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