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Add "--color" into magit-log mode #462

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I wanted magit-log to be a little clearer when there were branch lines that cross through each other in magit-log. Since "git log" already supports colored branch lines, I looked into how I could take advantage of it.

This change uses the build in ansi-color.el's ansi-color-apply to translate "git log --color"'s color control sequences into text properties so they can be displayed with color in the magit-log buffer.

While it works, this change doesn't feel "complete", for example I left magit-log-graph orphaned and it would be nice if it was still available for use. Also, I'm not confident that the ansi-color-apply usage here is idiomatic or covers all scenarios (I tested with a couple.. light and dark background). I think this being my first attempt at tinkering with elisp would have something to do with it. Any feedback about this change (or the process.. felt a little weird to submit this as a pull request) would be super welcome. Thanks.

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Color log #481

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Commits on Aug 26, 2012
  1. @ssc

    Pass through git's log colorization using ansi-color-apply to transla…

    ssc authored
    …te into text properties
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Showing with 13 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +13 −3 magit.el
16 magit.el
@@ -875,7 +875,11 @@ Does not follow symlinks."
nil (list t nil) nil
- (replace-regexp-in-string "\e\\[.*?m" "" cmd-output)))
+;; (replace-regexp-in-string "\e\\[.*?m" "" cmd-output)))
+;; Instead of stripping out all control sequences translate
+;; color sequences into text properties (still discards non-color
+;; control sequnces)
+ (ansi-color-apply cmd-output)))
(defun magit-git-string (&rest args)
(magit-trim-line (magit-git-output args)))
@@ -3190,8 +3194,13 @@ must return a string which will represent the log line.")
(propertize sha1 'face 'magit-log-sha1)
(insert-char ? magit-sha1-abbrev-length))
" "
- (when graph
- (propertize graph 'face 'magit-log-graph))
+;; (when graph
+;; (propertize graph 'face 'magit-log-graph)
+;; )
+;; Pass through the ansi-color translated (colorized) graph
+;; rather than propertize with magit-log-graph. It would be nicer
+;; to provide optional mechanism to override using magit-log-graph
+ graph
(when message
(propertize message 'face 'magit-log-message)))))
@@ -4908,6 +4917,7 @@ With a non numeric prefix ARG, show all entries"
(t nil))
,@(if magit-have-decorate (list "--decorate=full"))
,@(if magit-have-graph (list "--graph"))
+ ,"--color"
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