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Make z do the same as in other temporary buffers for the magit-branches buffer #510

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bo0ts commented Nov 26, 2012

This is OK in magit-branches only, because "z" is not bound here.

Make "z" kill the branches buffer as is customary in most other Emacs
temporary buffers.

This is OK in *magit-branches* only, because "z" is not used here.

sigma commented Jan 6, 2013

I'm not sure what "other temporary buffers" you're talking about (those I use usually don't use z for that purpose).
In any case, doing so only for the branches buffer would feel rather inconsistent with the rest of magit, so I don't think we should be doing this.

Feel free to reopen if I misunderstood the problem.

@sigma sigma closed this Jan 6, 2013

bo0ts commented Jan 6, 2013

One example that does this is the Help buffer.

You are right about the inconsistency would this be appropriate if I fixed the inconsistency with other buffers?


sigma commented Jan 6, 2013

Ah I see. This is inherited from special-mode.

Indeed magit-mode should derive from special-mode. That would be the least intrusive way to do it (and the right one too).
That said I think we should leave z untouched where it's specifically bound. I don't think we should change such bindings until we finally tackle the more general issue of figuring out a more logical organization for all bindings.

So... I guess a patch making magit-mode derive from special-mode would be ok.

@sigma sigma reopened this Jan 6, 2013

bo0ts commented Jan 8, 2013

Unfortunately magit already defines "z" for stashing so the binding in special mode wouldn't be visible. I guess we have to leave this as is, if we don't want to change the binding of "z".


sigma commented Jan 8, 2013

yes, I think that's an acceptable first step in the right direction: put the special-mode bindings in place, and let the current maps shadow them in some places. Then we can try to rationalize bindings, and try to un-shadow those bindings as much as possible.


sigma commented Feb 16, 2013

closing for now. Feel free to reopen if you implement the special-mode inheritance. Thanks !

@sigma sigma closed this Feb 16, 2013


dudebout commented Mar 11, 2013

From emacs 24.3:

    The z key no longer has a binding in most special modes.
    It used to be bound to kill-this-buffer, but z is too easy to
    accidentally type. 

It seems that we will not have to reopen this issue.


sigma commented Mar 11, 2013

well I still think we should inherit from special-mode, but indeed that issue has just become mostly irrelevant :)


dudebout commented Mar 11, 2013


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