Adds links and data to to make it collaborate with
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Adds links and data to to make it collaborate with Some (most) features are for paying members at Project-GC only.


  • Requires Greasemonkey to run in Firefox.
  • Requires Tampermonkey to run in Chrome.

Existing features

  • Add to/remove from VGPS form.
  • Adds Favorite points (FP/FP%/FPW).
  • Adds challenge checker links if a checker exists at Project-GC.
  • Adds address for the coordinates (Google reverse geocoding).
  • Clones number of logs per type to the top.
  • Add a "latest logs" to the top.
  • Add links to Profile stats for cache owner.
  • Add links to Profile stats for every profile in the logbooks.
  • Adds a copy friendly link to the geocache page, and copy friendly gccode.
  • Adds link to Project-GC gallery.
  • Minor adjustments to tidy the web.
    • Remove rot13 decrypt widget.
    • Remove "Description" text.
    • Change some spacings.
  • Adds country/region/county data from Project-GC.
  • Show the real cache owner name after the "placed by".
  • Add links to PGC profile gallery for each name in the logbook.
  • Add links to gallery from bookmark lists, from geocache pages.
  • Add links to plot bookmark lists on maps, from geocache pages.
  • Add links to Profile stats for bookmark list owners, from geocache pages.
  • Autodecrypt hints.
  • Add meters/feet above mean sea level.
  • Add warning if the latest log is a DNF.
  • Show exif location data for images in Gallery and Logbook.
  • Adds button to map bookmark lists.
  • Remove open in new tab from Drafts
  • Found/Will attend/Attended per country
  • Monospace font for personal cache notes
  • Minor tweaks on Print cache page

Open source libraries used

Exif parsing solved with a fork of


The client side script (this script) is MIT licensed (license file commited in repository). However, the server side API is property of Ground Zero Communications AB.