Make your site awesome by generating just some indexes and rendering it in client.
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The faster way to create a blog. Just write your posts in Jekyll YAML/Markdown format and generate automatically all indexes.

Current status

Under development.

To be done:

  • retrieve a post.
  • render it.
  • add tag list.


  • Download the repository: git clone
  • Create a couple of posts in "site/app/post". Example:
    layout: post
    title: "title1"
    description: "description1"
    lang: en
    - tag1
    - tag2
    This is the post content
  • Run the script. This will generate all the needed indexes.

  • Download the Javascript dependencies. Just enter in "site" directory and execute bower install. You can install bower with npm.

  • Configure any web server to serve "site/app". The easiest way is to enter in that directory and execute one of these::

    python -m http.server 8080 # for python 3.X python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 # for python 2.X

Now you can see your site in http://localhost:8080