Analysis and mining of multilayer networks
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NOTE: This version is no longer under development. We are in the process of releasing version 2.0, that will mantain (almost) the same API for the R package but with a re-engineered C++ code. We will soon post here the address of the new repository.

A library for the analysis and mining of multilayer networks, based on the book: Multilayer Social Networks, by Dickison, Magnani and Rossi, Cambridge University Press. This is available as a C++ library and as an R library. A stable version of the R library is also available on CRAN.


  • A doxygen generated API reference which lists all types and functions of the library.
  • Unit Tests which contain small code snippets used to test each library feature.


The multinet library requires:

  • A modern, C++11 ready compiler such as g++ version 4.7 or higher or clang version 3.2 or higher.
  • The cmake build system.

Installation - C++

To download and install the library use the following commands.

git clone
cd multinet

mkdir build
cd build

cmake ..

This compiles and generates a sahred library into the build directory in the root library. A different location can be specified by executing cmake from another folder.

The documentation is generated inside the build/doc directory, while the testing suite will reside in build/test. In order run the test suite execute:

cd multinet/build/test

To install the library in your system use the generated Makefile script:

cd multinet/build
make install

Installation - R

The stable version of the R library can be installed directly from R by typing:


To install the latest version you should chdir to Rmultinet, create a /src folder and copy into it:

  1. all the .c, .cpp and .h files from the C++ library (../multinet)
  2. all the files from the C++ directory
  3. all the files from the R directory


R CMD build Rmultinet
R CMD check multinet_1.1.tar.gz