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;; Seed the random-number generator
(random t)
;; Whitespace-style
(setq whitespace-style '(trailing lines space-before-tab
indentation space-after-tab)
whitespace-line-column 100)
;; Add Urban Dictionary to webjump (C-x g)
(eval-after-load "webjump"
'(add-to-list 'webjump-sites '("Urban Dictionary" .
;; Various superfluous white-space. Just say no.
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'cleanup-buffer-safe)
;; Newline after inserting closing tag in html-mode
(defadvice sgml-close-tag (after close-tag-then-newline activate)
;; Add JSP expansions to html-mode
(eval-after-load "sgml-mode" '(require 'jsp-expansions))
;; A bit of misc cargo culting in misc.el
(setq xterm-mouse-mode t)
;; Fix ido-ubiquitous for newer packages
(defmacro ido-ubiquitous-use-new-completing-read (cmd package)
`(eval-after-load ,package
'(defadvice ,cmd (around ido-ubiquitous-new activate)
(let ((ido-ubiquitous-enable-compatibility nil))
(ido-ubiquitous-use-new-completing-read webjump 'webjump)
(ido-ubiquitous-use-new-completing-read yas/expand 'yasnippet)
(provide 'my-misc)
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