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2f186ab @magnars Updated to latest version of jslint.
1 Changes from 0.1.5 to 1.0.0
2 ---------------------------
4 Autolint now uses [semantic versioning](
6 * The configuration file is no longer a `json`-file, but a proper node
7 module. Add `module.exports =` to the start of the file and rename to
8 `autolint.js` to upgrade.
9 * Autolint no longer runs without a config file. Running it without one will
10 prompt you for a default config file to be created.
11 * Passing `--once` to autolint makes it not-so-auto. Instead it is run once,
12 exiting with a `-1` error code if any lint is found. This makes it well
13 suited for pre-commit-hooks and the like.
14 * Updated bundled versions of jslint and jshint - these have been significantly
15 changed since last, so your configuration file will certainly need an upgrade
16 too.
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