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[feature request] Keystroke for re-linting specific files #4

plumlee opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Wanted your thoughts on this before I start a fork for trying it: I run autolint on a directory where I might be working on one/some/all files. Was thinking about adding support for an option to allow another keystroke + regexp that would only relint files matching that regexp. Any thoughts along those lines?

Maybe instead of a regexp, only relint changed files instead?

Love autolint and appreciate your work. Will also try to get it working with emacs as a local jslint. Someday...


Thanks for your suggestion, and I'm happy autolint is useful to you. :-)

I can definitely see a use for just linting specific files. A regexp would be nice. My first thought was maybe change ctrl-c a little. Instead of it running ahead and relinting everything, it could prompt for a string to match. Then just hit enter to lint everything.

As for changed files: Autolint is already looking at your file system to relint files when they are modified. How will this differ did you think?


I like that - default to everything but allow a regexp. As to the changed files - I apologize, I had not realized it always relinted the changed file and showed that first.


Sounds like a nice solution. Feel free to take a stab at implementing it. :-) Otherwise I'll put it in the todo-file.

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