Commits on Jul 12, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #223 from phillord/feature/doc-copyright

    Add copyright assignment statement to documentation
    Fuco1 committed on GitHub Jul 12, 2017
Commits on Jul 11, 2017
Commits on Jun 13, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #221 from zck/it-anywhere-in-->

    Make --> bind IT for use anywhere in FORMS, and add -as->.
    Fuco1 committed on GitHub Jun 13, 2017
Commits on May 25, 2017
Commits on May 23, 2017
  1. Fix -map-last docs (#220)

    AdamNiederer committed with Fuco1 May 23, 2017
Commits on Apr 25, 2017
  1. Replace string-to-int with string-to-number (#216)

    string-to-int was declared obsolete in Emacs 22.1, and has been removed
    for the eventual 26.1 release.
    holomorph committed with Fuco1 Apr 25, 2017
Commits on Feb 8, 2017
  1. Merge pull request #210 from Wilfred/car_opcode_with_first_item

    Ensure that -first-item is as fast as car
    committed on GitHub Feb 8, 2017
Commits on Feb 7, 2017
  1. Ensure that -first-item is as fast as car

    Add symbol properties to -first-item so the byte-compiler compiles
    calls to the car opcode. This ensures that -first-item has the same
    performance as car.
    For example, given the following function:
        (defun wh/call-first-item (x)
          (-first-item x))
    This would compile to:
        byte code for wh/call-first-item:
          args: (arg1)
        0	constant  -first-item
        1	stack-ref 1
        2	call	  1
        3	return
    Whereas it now compiles to:
        byte code for wh/call-first-item:
          args: (arg1)
        0       dup
        1       car
        2       return
    Wilfred committed Feb 7, 2017
Commits on Nov 21, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #206 from Silex/master

    Correct use of eval-after-load
    committed on GitHub Nov 21, 2016
Commits on Nov 20, 2016
  1. Correct use of eval-after-load

    With a symbol, only the file providing the feature triggers the
    eval-after-load. With a string, any file named the same way triggers
    it. This is problematic for custom configurations named after
    Silex committed Nov 20, 2016
Commits on Nov 19, 2016
  1. Fix setf on emacs23 (#205)

    `gv-define-simple-setter` is not defined on Emacs 23, so we need to use
    the macro `defsetf` on Emacs 23. `defsetf` is not autoloaded, so we must
    require 'cl before using it. We don't need to load 'cl on later Emacs
    However, the whole form is macro-expanded on all Emacs versions. Emacs
    24+ assumes that `(defsetf ...)` is a function call because it hasn't
    loaded 'cl. This generates byte-compile warnings about unused variables
    and nonexistent functions, so silence those.
    Wilfred committed with Fuco1 Nov 19, 2016
Commits on Nov 16, 2016
Commits on Nov 8, 2016
Commits on Nov 6, 2016
  1. Update info

    Fuco1 committed Nov 6, 2016
  2. Update README

    Fuco1 committed Nov 6, 2016
  3. Add -unzip

    Fuco1 committed Nov 6, 2016
  4. Fix typo

    Fuco1 committed Nov 6, 2016
Commits on Nov 5, 2016
  1. Add function signatures for aliases of built-in functions (#201)

    Otherwise, Emacs cannot show helpful signatures, and just uses ARG1 ARG2
    For example, prior to this change, `-drop` was described as:
        -drop is an alias for `nthcdr' in `dash.el'.
        (-drop ARG1 ARG2)
        Return the tail of LIST without the first N items.
    Wilfred committed with Fuco1 Nov 5, 2016
Commits on Nov 2, 2016
  1. Add annotations to pure functions. (#199)

    Adding the declaration (pure t) enables the byte-compiler to evaluate
    calls at compile-time. Adding the declaration (side-effect-free t)
    allows the byte-compiler to remove calls entirely if the result is not
    For functions that take a predicate as an argument, we cannot know
    whether that predicate is pure, so we do not annotate those.
    We also don't annotate functions that depend on `-compare-fn`, as that
    may change at runtime.
    Fixes #198.
    Wilfred committed with Fuco1 Nov 2, 2016
Commits on Oct 18, 2016
  1. Edebug support for threading macros (#188)

    Given an elisp expression of the form:
        (->> (+ 1 1)
             (+ 2)
             (* 3)
             (format "%s"))
    Edebug now knows that the first argument is an expression, so users can
    step through it. This is an improvement over the current situation,
    where users cannot step through any part of a threaded form.
    Note that this debugging behaviour matches thread-first in Emacs 25:
    Wilfred committed with Fuco1 Oct 18, 2016
Commits on Sep 29, 2016
  1. Add a LICENSE file (#194)

    phst committed with Fuco1 Sep 29, 2016
Commits on Aug 20, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #193 from GuiltyDolphin/fix-map-when-typo

    Correct typo of 'does' to 'do' in -map-when docs
    committed on GitHub Aug 20, 2016
Commits on Aug 13, 2016
  1. Release 2.13.0

    committed Aug 13, 2016
  2. Merge pull request #191 from Wilfred/update_changelog

    Update changelog for 2.12.x.
    committed on GitHub Aug 13, 2016
  3. Update changelog for 2.12.x.

    New features/bugfixes are shown chronologically.
    Wilfred committed Aug 13, 2016
Commits on Jun 19, 2016
Commits on Jun 15, 2016
  1. [Feature #185] -cut <> in first slot is a function

    This follows the Scheme SRFI 26 notation.
    Fuco1 committed Jun 15, 2016
Commits on Jun 5, 2016
  1. Update documentation

    Fuco1 committed Jun 5, 2016