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optimus-less Build Status

A LESS asset loader for Optimus.


Add [optimus-less "0.2.1"] to :dependencies in your project.clj.


Add (:require optimus-less.core) to the namespace declaration where you're loading assets.

The load-less-asset function will be declared as a custom loader for .less files with Optimus' load-asset multimethod. This is in turn used by load-assets, load-bundle and load-bundles - so everything works like before, but now it also supports LESS files. Score!


  • The .less files are immediately transpiled into .css files. This means you can safely bundle CSS and LESS files together. It also means that the bundle identifier has to be .css. Like so:

    (assets/load-bundle "public"
  • The less transpiler is fast. That doesn't mean you should be compiling the entirety of Bootstrap.less with it. It'll take about 350 ms, and make your development environment sluggish. Use precompiled CSS sources for Bootstrap, and use optimus-less for your own files.


Yes, please do.

Maybe you'd like to add some clever caching so we could even include the raw Bootstrap LESS files without a slowdown?

If you're looking to add other transpilers, I think that would be best in a separate project. But please do let me know about it, so I can link to it in the Optimus README. :-)

Remember to add tests for your feature or fix, or I'll certainly break it later.

Running the tests

lein midje will run all tests.

lein midje :autotest will run all the tests indefinitely. It sets up a watcher on the code files. If they change, only the relevant tests will be run again.


Copyright © 2014 Magnar Sveen

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.


A LESS asset loader for Optimus.



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