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Setting up npm modules #12

arbscht opened this Issue · 1 comment

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An issue and a thought regarding installing npm dependencies for the first time.

The repository doesn't include a node_modules/ directory or package.json, and doesn't create either of them. So the default behaviour of npm install is to use a non-cwd root, which breaks things.

It could help to either commit some node_modules/.stub file so checkouts get the directory automatically, or just to have mkdir it.

Alternatively, do you think it would be better to let a plugin such as lein-npm handle it? This would allow npm dependencies to be declared explicitly in project.clj, too.


I think lein-npm sounds like a fine idea. I'll ping in @cjohansen to hear his thoughts, since he made in the first place.

One issue tho: The version we have of CSSO is not yet released on npm, and it has some critical bug fixes. I think the CSSO-folks are looking for a maintainer. So, while it's in a state of limbo, we still need to bundle those files - and I think we maybe should do that anyway, to have a reproducible build.

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