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Emacs integration #2

DamienCassou opened this Issue · 7 comments

5 participants

Damien Cassou Magnar Sveen Bozhidar Batsov Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong Johan Andersson
Damien Cassou

This library is so important that there is no reason for it to be external to Emacs.

Please integrate these functions into Emacs.

Magnar Sveen

Yes, coming to Emacs I was really surprised that it was so lacking in string manipulation functions. How to go about getting it into Emacs core tho?

Damien Cassou

You must ensure that all contributors have signed the FSF agreement (which is not a problem if you are the only one :-)). Then, you should make some noise on the emacs-dev mailing list I guess.

Magnar Sveen

I'll give it a little time to mature, then go visit the emacs-dev list, then. Thanks.

Bozhidar Batsov

Yep, the library needs at least half an year in the wild first. Great initial version, though. :-)

Magnar Sveen

Agreed and thanks :-)

Jimmy Yuen Ho Wong


Johan Andersson

I'm not sure I want packages like s, dash or f in Emacs core. Adding a feature to one of em now is really simple and will be available within a day. But if in core, it will take forever.

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