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As stated in the commit, when I build repository-hpi locally it auto selected version 1.0 to use. For some reason on my machine there seems to be a classpath conflict. Looks like gmaven is compiled against one version of an ant dependency and the version getting picked up in the classpath is different. Resulting in gmaven trying to use a method on an ant class that is not there. This is mostly supposition. I am confused because I have seen your recent commits and I would have originally assumed you would have seen the same errors. But since you did not add the version or change the groupId it seems you are not seeing the plugin error on your side.

I tried out all of the release candidates and found that 1.0-rc-4 and 1.0-rc-5 both worked. This was done by simply doing a maven clean install. No further testing was done. Rather then use a release candidate I updated the groupId and tried out the latest release version of 1.3. Maven clean install runs on my machine.

This my first foray into github, let me know if I should do any thing different or additional.

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@dodtsair dodtsair Maven auto selected org.codehaus.groovy.maven:gmaven-plugin version 1…
….0 unfortunately that version of the plugin seems to be broken. Building results in a no method found exception boiling up from the plugin. My experience suggests that this happens when classes are compiled against one version and executed against another. I know that 1.0-rc-4 and 1.0-rc-5 work. But since they are release candidates and since I was updating the version anyway I migrated the groupId to org.codehaus.gmaven. This groupId seems to be the new groupId for the plugin as according to the website the latest version is 1.3. Maven clean install runs fine on version 1.3. Relying on test coverage for regression testing
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