Building locally with maven 3 does not completely work. #3

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  1. Maven auto selected org.codehaus.groovy.maven:gmaven-plugin version 1…

    dodtsair committed Oct 23, 2011
    ….0 unfortunately that version of the plugin seems to be broken. Building results in a no method found exception boiling up from the plugin. My experience suggests that this happens when classes are compiled against one version and executed against another. I know that 1.0-rc-4 and 1.0-rc-5 work. But since they are release candidates and since I was updating the version anyway I migrated the groupId to org.codehaus.gmaven. This groupId seems to be the new groupId for the plugin as according to the website the latest version is 1.3. Maven clean install runs fine on version 1.3. Relying on test coverage for regression testing