Vamp - canary releasing and autoscaling for microservice systems
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bootstrap/src/main Attempt at fixing dispatcher resolution Oct 4, 2018
common/src increasing max server-sent event size Jun 11, 2018
conf log per namespace, closes #931 Feb 28, 2017
consul/src/main children without recursion Oct 8, 2017
container_driver/src fixing k8s node stat Apr 30, 2018
dcos/src revert back the workflow class name test Oct 15, 2018
docker/src/main VE-34: deployment, ports, envs and health update Jan 12, 2018
elasticsearch/src/main optional event digest May 17, 2018
etcd/src/main children without recursion Oct 8, 2017
gateway_driver/src/main reverting gateway hash change as it is not needed - es index should b… Apr 4, 2018
haproxy/src reverting gateway hash change as it is not needed - es index should b… Apr 4, 2018
http_api/src/main extending unit values and adding k8s node api Apr 24, 2018
kubernetes/src Merge branch 'master' of Oct 17, 2018
model/src typo Oct 16, 2018
operation/src Logging on synchronization for Workflows Oct 17, 2018
persistence/src expanding archive event tags May 23, 2018
project build fix Nov 14, 2017
pulse/src/main logging failures even if pulse message logging fails May 29, 2018
redis/src/main children without recursion Oct 8, 2017
workflow_driver/src/main More logging Oct 17, 2018
zookeeper/src/main VE-7, VE-155: sharing zk connection between namespaces Feb 19, 2018
.gitignore .gitignore update Dec 8, 2017 Add issue reporting guidelines Jan 9, 2017
LICENSE Init commit for config library May 18, 2017
Makefile configurable project home mount point May 3, 2018 update README Sep 10, 2018
VAMP-IDE-SETUP.MD Update vamp ide setup readme structure for new project structure Jul 6, 2017
build.sbt Upgrading kubernetes client version Oct 5, 2018

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Vamp is the Very Awesome Microservices Platform. Vamp's core features are a platform-agnostic microservices DSL, easy A-B testing/canary releasing on everything and a deep and extendable metrics engine that monitors everything and directly feeds back into your services.

Vamp is open source and mostly written in Scala, with some parts in Go.

Deploy Vamp on your laptop

Vamp can run on your laptop with one command. Check out our Hello World quick start. This should be enough to kick the tires.

Using Vamp and more

For documentation on using Vamp and all other info please check and take some time to walk through the getting started.


Vamp is open source. Any contributions are welcome. Please check our contribution guidelines