A build file I wrote to help speed up the packaging, testing and deployment of my Joomla! components
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A build file I wrote to help speed up the packaging, testing and deployment of my Joomla! components.

  * Zips your component into a nbproject/package/${name}.zip file
  * SFTPs your components files into the proper directories as long as remote.directory is set properly 
     (You do that in your project configuration when you specify Remote)
  * Copies the files to your local Joomla! installation for testing.    
  * loads the nbproject/project.properties file
  * loads the private/private.properties file
  * loads the FTP connections file that you specify in the private.properies file
  ** NOTE: You can specify your ${ftp.connections} file directly here.
   ### Set up SCP/SFTP ###
  1. In Netbeans 7.2.1 the RemoteConnections directory is at:
     So you would place the following line into your nbproject/private/private.properties file ():           
  2. In that directory find the file/connection you are using for your project and put your password on a new line as follows:
             password=XXX123YYY ; where XXX123YYY is your password       
  ### Set up Name and Local Web Root Properties  ###
  3. Open your nbproject/project.properties  file and add the name of your 
     components entry point, i.e. if you component is called 'com_dog' use 'dog' as follows:
  4. In the same file enter the web.root of your local testing installation, i.e.:
       C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\joomla_root\\  ; or what ever it is on linux or Mac OS is thats your flavor