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Docker W3C/HTML5 validator instance

Dockerfile for the creation of a self contained W3C Markup validator (with HTML5 validation) instance for fast/offline validation of authored HTML documents.

Setup of such a configuration can be tricky and a little messy so having all this in an isolated and automated way seemed like a good idea.


To build the Docker image, run the following:

$ ./

This will take some time - performing the following tasks:

  • Install Ubuntu base (16.04 LTS), Apache HTTP server, OpenJDK 8, supervisord and a few others.
  • Download latest W3C validator source and vnu.jar portable HTML5 validator jar.
  • Configure Perl/CPAN.
  • Install and configure W3C validator (including setup).
  • Start Apache and under supervisord.

That's the boring/messy stuff out of the way - your new Docker image should now be built.

Alternatively you can pull this image directly from Docker Hub:

$ docker pull magnetikonline/html5-validator


To start the image, run the following:

$ ./

This will start the image in a new backgrounded container, exposing the following ports:

  • Port 80 (Apache2) presented to host on 8080.
  • Port 8888 ( Java server) presented to host on 8888.

Running the container on alternative local ports is controlled via docker run --publish arguments.

With this complete you should now be able to browse to http://localhost:8080/ and be presented with a working W3C validator instance.