Command line utility to diff a local directory structure of files against the root of a remote server over SSH.
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SSH diff

Command line utility to compare a local directory structure of files against the root of a remote server over an SSH connection.


Well, I like to keep production server configuration files under version control in local repositories (example) - this utility was created to allow for quick discovery of any file-based differences between the two. Only local files that are different or missing from the remote server are checked for.

Differences are found by comparing SHA1 keys of a file content, using PHP's sha1_file() on local filesystem and sha1sum [filename] on the remote server, optionally server files that are found to be different can be transferred back to your local machine over SCP for difference checking via Meld, KDiff3, etc.

All SSH authorization is via RSA public/private keys (as should be the case with any SSH).



Also shown by running sshdiff.php without command line option(s).

  sshdiff.php -s SERVER --root-dir DIR

  -s SERVER        Target SSH server address/host
  --root-dir DIR   Source root directory

  -p PORT          Alternative SSH port number, default is 22
  -u USERNAME      User for SSH login, if not given current shell username used
  -v               Increase verbosity
  --diff-dir DIR   If file differences found target file(s) will be placed into this directory
  --priv-key FILE  Private key file location - default [/home/username/.ssh/id_rsa]
  --pub-key FILE   Public key file location - default [/home/username/.ssh/]


Taking the following scenario:

  • Local server configuration files in /myserver.domain/filesystem
  • Remote server is at myserver.domain
  • Current local user for login username (magnetik in this case); ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/ for auth
  • Any remote file differences SCP'ed back to /tmp/diffs

Would result in something like this:

$ ./sshdiff.php -s myserver.domain \
	--root-dir /myserver.domain/filesystem \
	--diff-dir /tmp/diffs
Missing: /etc/redis.conf
Difference: /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
All done - differences were found

$ diff \
	/myserver.domain/filesystem/etc/nginx/nginx.conf \