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= Installing vim-ruby
The vim-ruby runtime files may be installed via the vim-ruby gem or by
downloading an archive file from
NOTE: the installer vim-ruby-install.rb currently only supports Unix and
Windows systems; other platforms may require a manual install. This installer
is new and users with significant local modifications to their vim-ruby files
are encouraged to make a manual backup prior to installation.
== Prerequisites
1. Vim 6.x (7.0 recommended; 7.0 compiled with the Ruby interface is required
for omni completion)
2. Ruby 1.8.x
== Gem Installation
Install the gem and run the installer which will automatically determine the
two recommended installation locations and prompt you to select one, or allow
you to specify a directory of your own choosing.
$ gem install vim-ruby --remote
$ vim-ruby-install.rb
== Archive File Installation
Unpack the archive file and run the installer which will automatically
determine the two recommended installation locations or allow you to specify
$ tar -xzf vim-ruby.YYYY.MM.DD.tgz
$ ./vim-ruby.YYY.MM.DD/bin/vim-ruby-install.rb
C:\tmp> [unzip] vim-ruby.YYYY.MM.DD.tgz
C:\tmp> ruby vim-ruby.YYY.MM.DD\bin\vim-ruby-install.rb
== Manual Installation
Alternatively, you can simply copy the desired files to an appropriate
directory in your runtime path. For single user use this would typically be
$HOME/.vim on Unix systems and $HOME/vimfiles on Windows and for system-wide
use these would be installed in $VIM/vimfiles.
== Vim Version Dependencies
Some features of the vim-ruby package depend on specific versions and features
of Vim, as follows.
=== Versions >= 7.0 compiled without the Ruby interface
The omni completion script (autoload/rubycomplete.vim) will be installed but
the 'omnifunc' option will not be set to use this if Vim was not compiled with
the Ruby interface (+ruby).
=== Versions < 7.0
While omni completion is a Vim 7.x series feature the supplied completion
script will still be installed to facilitate an easier upgrade. It will simply
be ignored by versions of Vim less than 7.0.
=== Versions < 6.3
The supplied filetype detection script (ftdetect/ruby.vim file) will be
installed but ignored. In order for the filetype detection to operate
correctly the autocommands specified in ftdetect/ruby.vim need to be executed.
See :help new-filetype, in Vim, for a mechanism to achieve this which is
appropriate for your version of Vim.
== Problems
If you have any problems installing the vim-ruby configuration files please
send a message to the mailing list ( or
post an item to the tracker (