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This library (hereby known as "Koala”) is a collection of functions and macros which enormously simplify the process of writing scripts in Kontakt KSP scripting language.

The usage of this library will improve significantly the look and readability of your scripts, as well as allowing super fast access to advanced functions not available with standard KSP code.

Big thanks to Sam Windell and his amazing fork of SublimeKSP. This library is entirely based on that. More info in the Wiki.

This guide assumes you are well-aware of what Kontakt Scripting is. If you don’t, please be sure to check out KSP Reference Manual (if you own Konakt, you will find it inside Kontakt documentation files).

We are not going to explain basic Kontakt scripting features, so be sure to know them well.


1 - Installation

Before being able to run Koala and simplify your developing process, there are some tasks that require your attention.

2 - GUI features

Koala Library features a ton of GUI functions to massively reduce the time you need to spend on scripting for your GUI.

3 - UI Families

We wanted to be able to handle Scripts with a large amount of UI Controls. To do so, we introduced the concept of Families.

4 - Coding utilities and array operations

KSP lacks of some really important coding features which can make the developer save a lot of time. Coming to KSP from another language might be weird at first: we tried to make the passage easier, where possible.

5 - Realtime debugger

The Realtime Debugger is a set of functions which allow the developer to handle in a simple, extremely powerful way many annoying debugging processes.

6 - Groups

Groups management in Kontakt is not good. At all. It lacks of many useful features, such as Folders of Groups. This section might help handling groups in a more clever way.

7 - Engine Parameters and Effects

Set of functions to help you add an FX and set its data without having to remember KSP's syntax (aka without having to go to KSP Reference Manual).

8 - Constants

Here's the collection of all the constants used by Koala and its functions.

9 - Math and Bool

New Math and Boolean functions. Some of these are compatible only with Kontakt 5.6 and greater.

10 - Engine Math: porting of BigBob's Math Library

BigBob's Math Library is amazing. Koala brings it to the next level.

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