Nuke .fxs (Silhouette Shape format) exporter released.
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Nuke .fxs (Silhouette Shape format) exporter.

This script will export Nuke shapes to a Silhouette Roto and Paint shape format .fxs file.
That allows a Mocha to Silhouette shape export using Nuke.

Youtube video:
Click to Watch the video

If you like it, use it frequently, or want to support further development please consider a small donation to the author.
Click here to lend your support to: VFX tools coding project and make a donation at !

You can find my contact info at


Version 2.0: initial release Aug 5th 2013

This version introduces Shapes and Layers transforms exports: meaning "tracking data (point/cpin)" export and avoiding baking the keyframes everywhere.

  • Shape Position/Animation
  • Shape Opacity (Linear/Constant keyframes)
  • Shape Motion Blur
  • Shape Overlay Color
  • Shape Blending Modes
  • Shape Inverted attribute
  • Shape Open/Closed
  • Delete repeated baked keyframes when possible
  • Layer/Shape Transforms (all transforms, including "extra matrix")
  • Layer nesting


Nukev7 and up


  • Nuke animation curves are more complex than Silhouette ones, that will result in more keyframes depending on the keyframe interpolation
  • B-spline Tension not supported yet
  • Feather not supported
  • Rectangles are exported incorrectly (swapped tangents).

    Workaround: smooth and cusp the points back, it will fix the tangents.

  • For heavy scenes, the script might take a while to give the task feedback, be patient.


Select the Roto or Rotopaint node and run the script from the Script Editor. You can set a the default folder/file path on or with the code below:

os.environ['FXSEXPORTPATH'] = '/path/to/your/fxsfile.fxs'

Optionally you can use the provided "" file to get a Toolbar item with the script.


Send me (contact info at the Nuke Console error message and your Roto/Rotopaint node for troubleshooting.


Kudos to the Silhouette team: Paul Miller and Perry Kivolowitz that helped me with important info.


This script is made available under a BSD Style license that is included with the package.