A demonstration of a headless client for the standard Magnolia travel demo
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headless-client-travel-demo - A demonstration of a headless client for the standard Magnolia travel demo

See an example of headless client getting content from a Magnolia server via the new delivery REST endpoints introduced in Magnolia CMS version 5.6.



Angularjs based client. (But techniques apply to any frontend framework.)

Uses the delivery endpoint: https://documentation.magnolia-cms.com/display/DOCS56/Delivery+endpoint+API

Uses the delivery endpoint in a variety of ways:

  • Filters for featured tours.
  • Filters for tours with a specific category/tourtype.
  • Grab one tour.

Uses the text location of a tour and the Google geocode service to provide a map of the location.


Note that this version is compatible with Magnolia version 5.7

The files in the travel-spa directory are the full single-page-app which can be run on any http server. By default the client will use the Magnolia publicly hosted demo running at https://demopublic.magnolia-cms.com for its content.

But you can configure which server the client hits by changing the values in the /travel-spa/app-config.js file.

The travel-endpoint-lm directory is a Magnolia light module which provisions the REST endpoint that the travel-spa client expects. (This endpoint is already present on the demopublic server.) To use it on your own Magnolia instance, just drop travel-endpoint-lm into your instances resources directory -usually named modules or light-modules. You'll need version 5.6.1 or greater with the travel demo installed.

New to Magnolia? You can get the bundle installed in no time in the first steps of the Hello Magnolia tutorial. https://documentation.magnolia-cms.com/display/DOCS56/Hello+Magnolia

Information on Magnolia CMS





Magnolia, https://magnolia-cms.com

Iran Campos, @icdozen

Christopher Zimmermann, @topherzee