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Document --format group aliases/wildcards.

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@@ -25,7 +25,8 @@ formats). This is because GPU resources allocated by one format are
currently not freed before proceeding to test another format (they're
only freed when John exits). We're going to correct this in a future
release. Meanwhile, please test GPU-enabled formats one by one, e.g.
-with "john --test --format=mscash2-opencl", etc.
+with "john --test --format=mscash2-opencl", etc. From this version of
+Jumbo, you can test all CPU formats using "john --test --format=cpu".
Some OpenCL-enabled formats (for "slow" hashes and non-hashes) may
sometimes trigger "ASIC hang" errors as reported by AMD/ATI GPU drivers,
@@ -176,7 +176,9 @@ starting a cracking session or along with one of: "--test", "--show",
at the same time. If you happen to get a password file that uses more
than one hash type, then you have to invoke John once for each hash type
and you need to use this option to make John crack hashes of types other
-than the one it would autodetect by default.
+than the one it would autodetect by default. Mainly for test and list
+purposes, you can use group aliases "cpu", "gpu", "opencl" and "cuda" as
+a format name, or use a trailing wildcard, as in "--format=wpapsk*".
"--format=crypt" may or may not be supported in a given build of John.
In default builds of John, this support is currently only included on

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