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@magnumripper magnumripper was assigned by kholia Feb 21, 2014
@kholia kholia added this to the 1.8.0-jumbo2 milestone Feb 21, 2014

So we have 0.72 "defects" per 1000 lines of code, and we have 211,288 lines of code. That's better than I imagined 😆

Um.. but that is 152 bugs in absolute terms. That sounds worse than the above 😞


Should I merge this? It refers to your repo, is that OK?


I don't know if doing that will work (I guess not).

It would be awesome if you could register your repository on page. The procedure is pretty simple (takes < 30 minutes of work and then 1 day of waiting period).


I did so, and edited .travis.yml randomly 👀 - we'll see if it works at all.

@magnumripper magnumripper added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 26, 2014
@magnumripper Merge branch 'bleeding-jumbo' into memdbg
* bleeding-jumbo: (49 commits)
  "Secure Mode" implemented. When this is enabled in john.conf, no cracked password is ever printed, logged or stored in plaintext. Instead you get an indication of length and use of classes. For example, the password "Ignit3" would output as L6-?l?d?u telling you that it's six characters long and consists of lowercase, digits and uppercase characters.  This closes #505.
  White space fixes (fixing over-long lines) in core files.
  Cherry-pick 2475121 from Dhiru - Travis/Coverity support. Closes #512.
  wpapcap2john: Add a note in output about unsure authentications (still crackable but might be an incorrect password for that AP). Closes #519.
  wpapcap2john: Add support for Prism & PPI encapsulations.
  wpapcap2john: Add support for Radiotap encapsulation. Closes #377.
  hccap2john: Add same extra output that was recently added to wpapcap2john (BSSID's, filename etc) and handle multiple files better (don't abort on error, print filename among warnings). Closes #521. Also, support multiple entries in each file. This was a weird limitation but it might have been due to Hashcat legacy behavior (it initially only supported one per file). Anyways it's lifted now.
  wpapcap2john: Add some sanity checks. Closes #518. Also cosmetical fixes (license, whitespace) in WPA source files.
  wpapcap2john: Print client BSSID to uid field, and AP BSSID to gid and GECOS fields (in dashed and compact formats). Add WPA or WPA2 to the shell field and filename to last field. Add missing glue for dupe suppression. Finally add a license blurb. Closes #516.
  Bugfix for multi-node Unicode init.
  Various changes for DMG. Avoid false positives. Hopefully we're not introducing false negatives (None of our sample hashes produce any) because now we're only checking for eight consecutive nulls, either in main blob or secondary one.
  whitespace fixes for dmg2john.c
  Fix -Wdeclaration-after-statement compiler warnings in dmg2john.c
  Adds support for DMG sparsebundle files.
  SAP B (comments only): The sum20 overrun is AOK, we do it like SAP does.
  SAP B: Atom found a suspected over-run of sum20. This triggers that.
  Move unused/aix_smd5_fmt_plug.c into normal source directory - it supports length up to 125.
  EPI format: Add proper hash functions. Closes #495.
  Dominosec: Use prefab binary hash functions.
  loader.c: Add ifdef'ed hash table distribution debug output. Closes #496.

@kholia kholia deleted the kholia:CI branch May 7, 2015
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