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All publicly known blockchain incidents
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Publicly known blockchain incidents that include details of the breach or victim statements.


This site consists of two main sections: The Graveyard is an enumeration of large incidents that we can see in one place. The advice section is for beginners advice to the enormous security subject matter required to lock down a blockchain company.


All content you'd want to add will live in _posts and should follow similar markup. Only title: and link: are really important.

Additions are preferred in this order of quality:

  1. Announcements or Post-Mortems from the primary victim (Email, blog posts, website announcements, tweets),
  2. Interviews of primary victims with commentary about the breach with journalists
  3. Primary victims discussing breach in public forums or communities
  4. Good journalism

Link bait, opinion pieces, or victimized customer rants not accepted. Please add any raw details about the breach into the body of the post, directly quoted from the underlying link if possible.


The advice section will be pretty heavily moderated. It's designed to be extremely introductory to avoid overwhelming information, and fairly broad.

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