Django-payline helps you make payments with Payline quickly and easily.
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Easily make payments using Payline

  • Author: Mathieu Agopian and contributors
  • Licence: BSD
  • Compatibility: Django 1.3+
  • Requirements: suds


  • pip install -U django-payline
  • Add payline to your INSTALLED_APPS

For extensive documentation see the docs folder or read it on readthedocs

To install the in-development version of django-payline, run pip install django-payline==dev.


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Get the code:

git clone
cd django-payline
virtualenv -p python2 env
source env/bin/activate
add2virtualenv .

Install the development requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install django  # must be django 1.3 or above

Run the tests:

DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=payline.test_settings make test

By default, two integration tests will be skipped when running the tests. Those integration tests need the following settings (put them in a file):

from test_settings import *

PAYLINE_MERCHANT_ID = 'your payline merchant ID'
PAYLINE_KEY = 'your payline API key'
PAYLINE_VADNBR = 'your payline VAD number'

Then run the full test suite, including the integration tests:

DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=payline.settings make test