added api for activity #8

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Fixed profile api - to support network-xxx fields.
added activity api -



Thanks for the pull request. You seem to have added the intellij-files before you did the .gitignore, can you fix this so the files are not part of the commit. Also, I'd like to have the merge as 1 single commit, so if you can squash the commits, that would be great.

@magott magott commented on an outdated diff Mar 13, 2013
@@ -41,7 +43,20 @@ public void handleError(ClientHttpResponse response) throws IOException {
private void handleClientErrors(ClientHttpResponse response) throws IOException {
HttpStatus statusCode = response.getStatusCode();
- if (statusCode == HttpStatus.UNAUTHORIZED) {
+ InputStreamReader is = new InputStreamReader(response.getBody());
+ StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();
+ BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(is);
+ String read = br.readLine();
+ while(read != null) {
+ //System.out.println(read);
+ sb.append(read);
+ read =br.readLine();
+ }
+ System.out.println("response.getBody() = " + sb.toString());
magott Mar 13, 2013 Owner

Please remove debug statements

@magott magott commented on the diff Mar 13, 2013
@@ -51,7 +54,10 @@ public YammerProfile(long id,
String expertise,
String summary,
String jobTitle,
- Contact contact,
+ String networkId,
+ String networkName,
+ String networkDomain,
magott Mar 13, 2013 Owner

There should be tests for these new properties, to make sure they are mapped correctly

yonimoses Mar 21, 2013

you mean tests like in YammerAdapterTest#createYammerProfile?

yonimoses added some commits Mar 5, 2013
@yonimoses yonimoses added api for activity
removed my token

removed intellij files and deleted debug stmt

added missing properties to yammer tests

removed classes dir
@yonimoses yonimoses fixed merge issue with error handler a193d13
@yonimoses yonimoses added api for activity f4e61f0
@yonimoses yonimoses fixes 14c67ce
@yonimoses yonimoses fixes 50343c8
@yonimoses yonimoses fixes d9ab4d5

There are still several commits in this pull request. did you push after you squashed them? You may need to force push [git push -f]

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