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userscript to scrape FreeCodeCamp pages for pasting progress into spreadsheets
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Greenville Codes Student Progress Tracker


This script takes a newline-delimited list of FreeCodeCamp profile URLs and returns a report on their progress as a newline-delimited list of comma-separated percentages. These can be easily pasted into a Google sheet used for tracking a cohort's progress through the Greenville Codes program.


Requires Node v7.6 or higher (testing done with v10.1.0). Clone the repo and cd into it. Install the dependencies with npm install.


Create the FreeCodeCamp curriculum map with node map_fcc_path.js. It will create fcc_path.json or overwrite the existing file.

Use node get_fcc_progress.js to get a detailed progress report for a single FCC profile. You can specify to track the overall FCC curriculum or the Greenville Codes specific path in the file head.

Use node get_bulk_fcc_progress.js to get a csv report of a full list of student profiles. By default, these are pulled from fcc_profiles.txt, but this can be modified in the file head.


Running node get_bulk_fcc_progress.js with an invalid url will return an error. This includes newline characters at the end of the file! I'll work on fixing this. Fixed.

I ran into a few problems getting this to work on another computer. My errors were related to dependencies for Chrome. I resolved them by following the advice here.

npm install loads the dependencies locally, so ldd chrome | grep not won't work in the base directory. You'll have to navigate all the way down to the node_modules directory for puppeteer, through the .local-chromium directory until you find the chrome binary, then run the command. This should give you the missing dependencies that need to be installed.

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